How to grow cannabis in Thailand: Impression of Gonzo with 40,000 plants

Gonzo’s Green Odyssey: From London’s East End to Thailand’s Cannabis Paradise

I remember the exact moment like it was yesterday, fella. I was standing there, basking in the glow of my life’s work. Picture it: a sea of lush, green leaves spread out before me, a veritable forest of cannabis plants reaching for the sky. Over 40,000 of them, each one expertly cultivated, their fragrant buds heavy with the promise of untold delights. It was my Sistine Chapel, my Mona Lisa, the grow was a culmination of countless sleepless nights and painstaking effort and it was a long way from Thailand.

This wicked little paradise was nestled away on a long-forgotten, disused military base, swallowed up by the rolling hills and dense foliage of rural England. A place where nature had reclaimed the land, concealing our secret garden from the prying eyes of the world.

But then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Suddenly, the door burst open and the old bill were upon us. I knew right then that it was all over. My heart was pounding, and I could feel the sweat pouring down my face. I was about to be nicked for the biggest haul the UK had ever seen.

As they led me away in handcuffs, I felt a sense of sadness and regret wash over me. I knew that my life would never be the same again. My passion for cannabis had led me down a path that had ultimately resulted in my downfall. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in what I had achieved. Those 40,000 plants were a testament to my skill and dedication as a grower

Happy Days!

Now, looking back on that day from the comfort of my retirement in Thailand, I can’t help but smile at the memory. It was a wild ride, fella, full of ups and downs. But in the end, it was all worth it. Because no matter what happens, nobody can take away the knowledge and expertise that I gained during my time as a cannabis farmer.

Who are ya?

Alright, fella, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m Gonzo Green (just a nickname, don’t worry, my parents weren’t that cruel to name me after a Muppet). I’m a British ex-con turned cannabis enthusiast and cultivator. Now, we grew up poor in the East End of London, and my parents, well, they had their fair share of dodgy dealings, but that’s a story for another day.

Maybe you bumped into me during my previous endeavors as a grower and ‘distributor’ back in the UK (where I spent 8 years in prison for the biggest haul the country had ever seen)? But that’s all in the past now, and I’ve retired to the sunny shores of Thailand to live out my days surrounded by the sweet smell of bud.

I need to ask this guy how to grow cannabis in Thailand

Where I’m at

But retirement hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my passion. In fact, it’s given me more time to focus on what really matters – growing and cultivating the finest cannabis this side of the equator. And that’s where this blog comes in.

My mission is simple: to educate, entertain, and share my experiences with cannabis cultivation in Thailand. I’ll not only show you how to grow cannabis in Thailand, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years, as well as stories from my time in the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just getting started, there’s something for everyone here.

The fateful day that led to paradise

“Oi, Gonzo! Where do you think you’re sneaking off to?” my Aunt Mary shouted as I tried to slip away from her posh Hampstead pad, hoping to catch the Hammers play. I was just 15, and the last thing I wanted was to be stuck at my snooty cousin’s place for the holidays. Hampstead, for those who don’t know, is a swanky and affluent area in North London, known for its beautiful homes and fancy residents. Not far from The East end, but a million miles further than what I was used to.

“No football for you today, young man,” she said, crossing her arms. “You’re going to help Scott with the gardening.”

Reluctantly, I trudged to the back garden where moody Scott was waiting for me, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else. “Brilliant,” he muttered, “just what I need, a helper.”

He handed me this heavy box, telling me it was essential to wake the babies up, and led me down the winding garden path. Jesus, what on earth was in this box that was gonna wake up babies? And wasn’t there some sort of saying about babies and letting them lie?

Help him yank off

The garden was massive, fella, like something out of a fairytale – with blooming flowers, weeping willows, and a labyrinth of hedges. Scott begrudgingly led me through the green maze, till we reached a hidden nook I’d never seen before. He then asked me to help him yank off this massive, dirty, black blanket, uncovering a what appeared to be homemade greenhouse underneath. I couldn’t believe me eyes, fella.

“Is that…FUCK ME!?” I gawped, eyes widening.

“Shhhh! Yeah, Gonzo, it’s weed. They’re my babies.” Scott said, pulling a perfectly rolled spliff from his pocket. “Wanna give it a try?”

As I took my first puff, I felt a warmth spread through my chest, and the world seemed to slow down just a bit. The taste was earthy, with a hint of pine, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Ingenious contraption

His ingenious contraption was cobbled together using whatever scraps he could find – discarded window frames, bits of old piping, and some weathered tarp. But the real marvel was on the inside. The inside was covered in aluminium foil, from Aunt Mary’s Sunday roasts by the look of it, and he’d also managed to rig up a sodium gas lamp that he’d nicked from a street light, to a car battery to provide the much-needed light for his prized plants. And that’s what I’d been luggin’ down the garden, a freshly charged battery.

We got to work, hooking up the new battery, watering and feeding the plants. Then, the moment of truth: he flicked the switch and that tube bathed the tiny greenhouse in a bright white, electric glow. It was dazzling with the light bouncing off the tin foil. Nestled in their makeshift home, the plants flourished, their leaves glistening with dew. I stood there, in awe of his resourcefulness, as he managed to grow the legendary Northern Lights right there in drizzly London.

The Future Was Green

“So, what do you think, Gonzo?” Scott asked, a grin spreading across his face.

“Double naughty,” I replied, passing another spliff back to him. And just like that, Scott and I became mates.

From that day on, we bonded over our shared love for cannabis, spending countless hours in that hidden corner of the garden looking after and tending to the babies. It was the beginning of a lifelong passion, fella, and a friendship that would last for years to come.

Ganjalytica: Gonzo Green Grows – A Haven for Cannabis Enthusiasts

This is where the magic happens, fella. I’ve designed this blog to cater to all you wonderful folks out there who share my passion for the world of cannabis and wasn’t too learn how to grow cannabis in Thailand. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into this fascinating realm, I’ve got something for everyone.

In the upcoming posts, we’ll be diving into a plethora of topics, including 

  • cultivation techniques relevant to Thailand
  • strain reviews
  • legal bollocks
  • and the science behind the herb we all adore.

I’ll be sharing my own experiences and expertise, as well as introducing you to some of the leading minds in the industry. From soil to hydroponics, lighting to nutrient systems, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge right here.

An inclusive and supportive place

But, Ganjalytica is more than just a blog; it’s a community. I envision a place where cannabis enthusiasts can come together, share their stories, and learn from one another. My dream is to create an inclusive, supportive space where we can all grow (pun intended) and thrive, share tips with each other and brought together by our love for cannabis.

What’s coming up next…

Right, fella, let me give you a little sneak peek of what’s in store for you over the next few months here at Ganjalytica. We’ve got a fantastic line-up of posts coming your way, covering everything from cannabis strains for Thailand’s climate to the role of cannabis in Thai traditional medicine. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be exploring topics such as:

  • the pros and cons of indoor vs. Outdoor cannabis growing
  • How to grow cannabis outside in the garden in Thailand
  • the art of Thai stick

 and much more. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for my book, “A Step by Step Guide to Growing the Best Cannabis in Thailand – Indoors,” which will be an invaluable resource for all you budding cultivators out there.

Share your thoughts and spread the word

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Ganjalytica community, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of cannabis together! Don’t be shy – leave comments, share your thoughts, and spread the word about your new favourite cannabis blog. Together, we’ll make Ganjalytica the ultimate destination for cannabis enthusiasts across the globe. Cheers, fellas!

Marijuana users and producers in Thailand have some legal rights and obligations that they should know and respect, such as the age limit, public consumption ban, purchase and possession limits, cultivation and distribution limits, driving and traveling restrictions, and respect and responsibility. Users and producers in Thailand should be informed and respectful of the laws and norms of cannabis use and activities in Thailand, and be responsible for their own health and safety when using cannabis products.

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