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Cannabis Effects Rating Tool

Welcome to Ganjalytica, your destination for cannabis excellence. Discover the power of our free, innovative grading tool.

Enthusiasts, unlock true insights into your cannabis experience with a personalized ChatGPT prompt, THC% estimate and comparison percentage between the official strain and what you’ve got in your hand.

Dispensaries, ensure transparent grading and foster trust and loyalty with our rating and customizable label generator for you to use for free

. Lets elevate the industry together.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Consume your cannabis responsibly – just smoke as you would normally.

2. Rate each of the 5 attributes.

3. HitSubmit‘ for your instant rating and expected ‘high’.

Plus a personalised ChatGPT prompt that will give the cannabis you have in front of you a percentage match to the original strain, plus your sample’s estimated THC%, after you put it in ChatGPT.


Cannabis Experience Rating Tool C.E.R.T.

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Paste directly into GPT.


We recommend using a water bong or a water bottle bong adapter. We used 0.2g pinch or a 2-4 good tokes on a joint, but depending on tolerance – and you know your own – you should adjust it accordingly.

Welcome to the Ganjalytica Cannabis Grading Tool

First of its Kind

Your ultimate solution to navigating the complex world of cannabis quality. Whether you’re a consumer seeking to maximize your experience or a dispensary owner, striving to guarantee the best product for your customers, Ganjalytica is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

Problem solved

For the individual cannabis enthusiast, the lack of transparency can be a major concern. How can you assess the quality of your cannabis when there’s no reliable source of information? How can you compare your experiences with different strains? Ganjalytica is your personal cannabis guide, offering a straightforward grading system that empowers you to understand your experiences. With Ganjalytica, you can confidently track how each strain affects you, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable cannabis journey.

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Gain loyalty and trust

For dispensary owners, maintaining a consistent, high-quality product is key to your reputation and success. But how can you objectively measure and communicate the quality of your strains? Ganjalytica offers a standardized grading system, allowing you to provide transparent, reliable information to your customers, enhancing their trust and loyalty. That’s why you get a certificate of use for your cannabis’ evaluation.

Free now, free forever.

And while we’re in alpha, that means no data collection, just pure evaluation.

With Ganjalytica, you’re not just consuming or selling cannabisโ€”you’re understanding it.

Ganjalytica Cannabis Quality Grader

The Magic Formula

Our Effects Grader varies by consumption method.

For water bong users, enjoyment is the most valued factor, closely followed by intensity. Smoothness, duration, and onset also contribute to the grading.

For pure joint smokers, there’s a slight shift, with smoothness gaining more importance than it did, though enjoyment and intensity still hold the lion’s share.

Pipe smokers will find a balanced approach, with enjoyment, intensity, and particularly smoothness, playing significant roles.

To give you a sense of the weighting: enjoyment ranges from around 30% to 35%, intensity from 25% to 30%, and smoothness from 15% to 25%, depending on your method.

Be part of the Cannabis Effects Grading Tool future

Remember, our grading system is a work in progress. We’re all ears for any feedback or suggestions. Contact us here or on Twitter. Let’s make cannabis grading accurate, transparent, and user-centric. Always free, forever improving.

The small matter of subjectivity

Indeed, while the effects of cannabis are subjective, our goal is to unravel this subjectivity by providing a systematic grading tool.

Recognizing that every individual’s experience can differ vastly due to factors like personal tolerance, preference, and physical response, our aim is to capture these variations and commonalities through feedback. This will not only enhance the precision of our tool over time, but also provide invaluable insights for research and medicinal purposes.

As we advance on this journey, our tool will continually evolve, growing in its capacity to deliver precise, transparent, and personalized cannabis grading. Your feedback is key to this evolution. By contributing, you’re helping us shape a more nuanced understanding of cannabis effects and advancing the broader field of cannabis research and medicine.

Coming Soon:

Confirm Grading: Users will be able to confirm the calculated grade, providing valuable feedback to help refine the tool’s accuracy.

Effects Tagging: Tag your experiences with specific effects, creating a more detailed profile of each strain’s potential effects.

Tolerance Tracker: Monitor your tolerance levels over time and see how they correlate with different strains and consumption methods.

Symptom Relief Tracker: For medicinal users, the tool will track how effectively different strains relieve symptoms like pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

Mood Tracker: Record your mood before and after consumption to track how different strains affect your emotional state.

Effects Journal: Keep a detailed record of your favourite strains, experiences, noting specific effects, durations, and overall enjoyment.

Plus many more.

Your feedback will be priceless in advancing our system. Enjoy and use the Cannabis effects grading tool for your own in-depth analysis. Always free, forever improving.

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